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Coaching Leaders to Raise Up Champions.

the 4th quarter crisis

Imagine playing in a championship game against a rival team. The game is tied and the pressure is resting on your shoulders as the clock winds down to its final minutes. You're in the fourth quarter.

Now, imagine being a young person facing the loss of a friend, an unexpected pregnancy, or the daily uncertainty of fulfilling basic needs. You hope for a win, but constant disappointments have taught you to think otherwise. We call this the 4th Quarter Crisis.


Many young people today are living through what feels like the fourth quarter of their lives. Some are ready to throw in the towel while others already have. Time doesn't feel like a guarantee to those who feel lucky just to make it another day.

At 4th Quarter Champions, we don't want the time to run out on our youth. That is why we are coaching leaders to walk with young people through the fourth quarter of their lives and into the victory of their future.

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what we value

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We believe that everything starts with hope. When a young person has an expectation for good to happen in their lives, anything is possible.


We don't want to approach our work with youth like a factory. Every young person is a unique individual that deserves one-on-one attention and meaningful relationships with people who care.


We teach leaders to walk with youth at a pace that gives time for trust to build and growth to happen.

what we offer

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youth leader

How do you engage young people who are facing significant challenges and seem like the most difficult to reach? We will give you the tools and share our best practices to overcome the barriers of engagement.




We want to challenge adults to see youth as assets and challenge youth to see adults as allies. During this interactive workshop, we will work with youth and adults to engage one another in building meaningful and understanding relationships.



We want to energize your group and ignite a passion for serving young people. We will deliver a motivational speech catered to the needs of your organizational work with youth.

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We know it's easy to reach youth that want to show up to your programs or after school activities.

It's difficult to reach youth that are dealing with extreme challenges and just don't fit in.


We don't want to leave those young people behind.

You may be a great leader but lack the tools to engage hard-to-reach young people. 

You may have the heart but be missing the knowledge to be of any real help.

You may have the knowledge but feel limited in the application.

We want to help you strengthen your capacity to more effectively serve youth that are often overlooked.

At 4th Quarter Champions, we develop leaders by coaching youth and adults to engage young people into champions.

meet the coach

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Ray Nelson

Ray Nelson, a native Washingtonian, is a husband, father, and nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and youth development leader. Ray brings over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in youth and community engagement.


His heart was broken to serve under-resourced communities in 2002 after the senseless murders of two of his childhood friends. This was a call to action.


Ray is a licensed minister and has served with such organizations as World Vision US Programs, Little Lights Urban Ministries, and as the City Life Director for Youth For Christ USA. He speaks to thousands of kids each year which has afforded him the opportunity to do what he loves and travel the country sharing a message of hope. Ray is a passionate and effective communicator whose heart is to see lives transformed and individuals living in their purpose.    

"If you want to reach the farthest out kid, you must take your timeline off the table."

everything starts with hope.

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you are important to the lives of young people

Here's why.

At 4th Quarter Champions, we know you want to see young people thrive no matter their economic status or position in life. In order to see that happen, you must understand what it takes to walk through the most challenging of situations with young people. The problem is, you don't have the right tools, which makes you feel unqualified to serve. We believe that if you have the heart to serve youth, then you have what it takes. We understand that you may have faced significant obstacles when working with youth. That's why we have developed training models to coach you into the right champion for young people facing life's most challenging situations. So, request a coaching session, workshop, or keynote address, so you can stop wondering how to reach young people and start raising up champions.

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